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A critical message about this year’s conference from your LB3 and TC2 speakers:

The end of the TDM network, an explosion in complex IP based network services, a bewildering array of IT platform choices (many cloud based), a demanding mobile user base, AT&T and Verizon still dominate (but there are some rising stars) and the ever present demand for cost reductions NOW from the CFO.

That’s your world. And your job is to balance those demands each and every time you sit down to negotiate – or re-negotiate – a network services and infrastructure contract. It’s not easy. In fact, it may seem impossible at times. That’s why we urge you to join us along with your peers at CCMI’s Negotiating Network & Infrastructure Deals Conference this June in Washington, DC.

We understand each and every variable that goes into a world class deal, from vendor evaluation and commitment levels to contract language and the newest services, and we share winning strategies and tactics for every one of them. Our goal is simple and straightforward:

To make sure you are better prepared than ever to secure the right mix of services from the right vendors at the best price with reasonable, workable terms and conditions.

For a quarter of a century, enterprises have attended this Conference, and while the services, vendors and rules of the game have constantly changed and evolved, the end result – a deal that works best for your enterprise - has not. It’s the reason why 99% of past attendees tell us they would recommend Negotiating Network & Infrastructure Deals Conference to their peers!

We look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC this June.

PS: Remember, if you are not completely satisfied we refund your entire registration fee!

About the Organizer:

CCMI delivers independent market research and analysis, tightly focused educational webinars, and industry-leading conferences to the Fortune 2500 enterprise market. Since 1971, CCMI has been helping its customers work more efficiently and save money with reliable content and superior customer service. Learn more about CCMI at

About the Speakers:

TechCaliber Consulting LLC (TC2) enables major businesses to get the most usage and power out of their telecom services and data networks while paying the lowest possible amount to the carriers. TC2 is the preeminent partner of major national and multinational companies in structuring the financial aspects of telecommunications contracts and managing voice and data expenditures. Learn more about TC2 at

Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby LLP (LB3) is the telecommunications and IT law firm dedicated to the representation of enterprise users. LB3 has extensive experience in negotiating custom network service agreements, wireless agreements, network outsourcings and related transactions on behalf of large users and information technology companies; assisting enterprise customers when their agreements with carriers “go south;” and representing the interests of enterprise customers before the Federal Communications Commission and other regulatory bodies. Learn more about LB3 and its services at